Literary Analysis of the Poem " My Sister , My Friend "

Topics: Rhyme, Poetry, Alliteration Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: April 18, 2013
literary Analysis of the poem " My Sister ,My Friend "
when your sister became your friend , that is the most beautiful thing you can ever feel . The Poet Leann Steinman is expressing her deep passion towards her sister in her Poem My Sister , My Friend . Steinman can not express how much she is grateful for her sister who is always supporting her in the bad and good days as a friend. She wishes all happiness and welfare for her sister as she is always the reason for her felicity. The choice of the title My Sister, My Friend reflects the intensive relationship between the two sister. They are so close friends as friends who share each other their troubles, complaints ,and the joyful moments. The reader can hear the voice of the Poet herself expressing her affection and love towards her sister through her sensitive words by using the first person (I) ,so the Poet does not hide behind a persona , she wrote it out of personal feeling . There are several sound devices are used in this Poem to make it coherent. The Poet uses the regular ryhme ( aa ,bb,...) to stress the harmonious relationship between the two sisters. For instance, the two words "days" (8) and "ways" (9) are rhyming together to show that Steinman's sister is always standing beside her in every day and way helping and advising her. Eye-rhyme also is used in "ways" and "days". Alliteration is used in the two words "intuition" and "intelligent" (2) to reflect the sister's awareness , knowledge ,and experience by which she benefits her sister. She is the advisor for her sister. Steinman uses a visual image in " you've been my sunshine " to show that her sister is the guide in the close and dark days. As well, she is the one who lights her life ,and the person giving her Hope. Figures of speech are used in the Poem . For instance, Metaphor is used in " you are an angel " to revel how tender and sensitive she is. It shows...
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