Literary Analysis of Short Story "On Light"

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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How Your Decisions Can Impact Others
Have you ever experienced a situation where you didn’t fully prepare yourself and someone was injured as a result? Seth Fried’s short story, “On Light”, describes how an unprepared young man created light, uniformed, which led to negative impacts on the world. This story is interesting because it puts a twist in how The Bible says light was created. In this story God is represented as a CEO or owner of a company. God commands the young man to make “Light”, even though he can’t refuse God he doesn’t ask the appropriate question as to what God wanted light to look light. The cowardice the young man showed caused him to regret what he created. In the short story “On Light”, Fried examines the life of a young man who invented something incredible, but caused negative impacts on others, because he failed to ask what specifically need to be done.

The young man was given a task by God. God on the other hand provided the functionary, young man, with no information about what God really wanted. Even though he couldn’t refuse God’s request he didn’t ask questions dealing with what was needed to complete the task. He was trying to dodge direct confrontation with God because of his fear of the consequences. He decided to attempt creating “Light” without the proper information and he said “Oh yes, taking the drawing from Go’s massive hand and pretending to admire it. No problem” (Fried). Once he said he understood God was finished dealing with the issue. Since the young man pretended to understand the concept God decided he could create “Light” with no problem. This conversation ended and the young man was unprepared, anxious, and stressed because of the choice he made.

The functionary finally felt as though he had to quit and was depressed. But he decided to not give up and went to a blog that had recent rumors about what “Light” could be. The problem was he asked other people for something God wanted him to make. Even if there was...
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