Literary Analysis of ''a Very Short Story

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''A very short story'' by Ernest Hemingway.

Title: ''A very short story''
Author: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961).
Source: CAPPELEN DAMM AS, Oslo 2008 – ''Access to English literature, VG3''. Anthony, Burgess, Mikkelsen & Sørhus. Chapter 1, page 23-24.

A lot of geographic places are mentioned in the short story, as the characters move around, however the most important part of the story is set to Padua, in northern Italy. The story is about an Italian woman, Luz, and an American soldier, so the action takes place during a war, my guess is World War one, because of the word ''armistice'' that is a word used considering WWI. More precisely, around 1918-1919 (the armistice of WWI was in 1918 and the last part of the story takes place a while after the armistice) The duration of the story is about a year. It starts in the spring/summer ''on hot evening in Padua...'', the solider stays at the hospital for three months after this ''Luz stayed on night duty for three months.'', the WWI armistice was on November 11th 1918 ( ), after the armistice, Luz moves to Pordenone ''….living in the muddy, rainy town in the winter.....''. And finally, the story ends with ''The major did not marry her in the spring...''.

Luz: An Italian woman, working at a hospital in Padua, where she meets her lover, the American soldier. It seems as though everyone likes her, both the staff and the patients. Luz also seems very devoted to her lover, when he is sent to the frontier, she writes him lots of letters, despite him not being able to receive or answer them. She obviously loves him very much (or at least, she seems to think so), however she does not want to go to America with him, before he has found him a good job, which indicates her having doubts about their love.

The American soldier: This character is only referred to as ''him'' or ''he'', we never get to know his name. The fact that he is an American solider is understood through interpretation of the text. He has to go back to the frontier and after the armistice he goes ''home to America''. This character is also the protagonist, because even though Luz is referred to the most, he is the character that changes the most, both external and internal. In the beginning, he seems to love Luz very much ''...he used to take the temperatures so Luz would not have to get up from bed.'' ''As he walked back along the halls he thought of Luz in his bed''. It is also him that wants her to go with him to the states at once, ''Luz would not come home until he had a good job...'' ''...they quarrelled about her not being willing to come home at once'' ''He felt sick about saying good-bye like that'', and ''It was understood he would not drink, and he did not want to see his friends or anyone in the states. Only to get a job and be married. For Luz, something seems to have changed after he left Padua, she wrote him many letters, 15 letters. But suddenly the letters stopped? She doesn't want to come with him before he has a good job ''they agreed he should go home to get a job so that they might be married''. Before he left Padua, she was willing to marry him at once ''They felt as though they were married, but they wanted everyone to know about it and to make it so they could not lose it''. Luz changes, but her change is not as ''sudden'' as the soldier’s. The soldier’s feelings does not change until he is back in the states, where he never even answers Luz's letter, ''Luz never got an answer to the letter to Chicago about it. A short time after he contracted gonorrhea from a salesgirl in a loop departement store while riding a taxicab through Lincoln Park''.

The story is about an Italian nurse and an American solider, falling in love during war. They meet each other at a hospital where Luz works. The solider is hurt, he needs operations and while Luz cares for him, they fall in love. They want to get married,...
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