Literary Analysis for All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Setting (DESCRIBE the time period, geographical location, historical/social context) The setting in All Quiet on the Western Front takes place around the battlefield of the war, mainly the trenches. It was dark, morbid, chaotic and hopeless. Trench life was dreadful according to Paul. There was so much blood, mud and clamor from the blasts and bombs. The constant pounding of those bombs lasted for days, rumbling in those soldiers' ears. Moldy bread was served and was the only source of nutrition, which caused rats to run about, and also the water supply was scarce. It’s not unusual for soldiers to go insanely mad while cramped in those tiny little ditches while all agony waited above them. Though the sounds of war were always rampant, Paul and his comrades moved back and forth from camps to the front line, which provided them with comfort and ease. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Analysis (Select ONE important character to DESCRIBE.) Paul Baumer is the narrator and main character of the story. He was approximately 19 years old when we first met him in the novel. Paul was a member of the German Army, and before he had gone into the war he enjoyed studying, reading books and seeing plays. But the bloodshed and terror of the war effectively destroyed his life forever. He had cut off the past, and had absolutely no hope for the future. What enables him to survive throughout the war was the bond of loyal friendship. The war for as long as it lasted, brought devastation and dismay to everyone, but Paul only endured by his dear friends, which is all he has left. But one by one they are eventually all killed. After his last friend, Kaczynski, dies, there is nothing left for Paul to live for. In the end he finally acquired peace when all was quiet on the western front. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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