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Topics: Short story, Fiction, Academy Award for Best Actress Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Patricia King

“Christopher, the Fisherman”: Literary Analysis
“Christopher, the Fisherman” was written by Hermann Schubnell and translated by his son, Matthias Schubnell. This short story is about a fisherman who wont let the past go and continued to deny the many changes that were occurring around him. Throughout the story, Christopher passionately fights the numerous changes that take place around him. Ultimately he comes to a place in his life where he can no longer fight for the old life and he must accept the changes. Schubnell uses symbolism, imagery, and conflict throughout the short story to portray Christopher’s struggle and strife. Symbolism is the use of objects in a story to have a second meaning other than a literal meaning. The river in this short story is a great example of symbolism. The river runs through the world without any changes for many years. The river changes its path for no one just as Christopher the fisherman does. Christopher is stubborn and hard to move, and does not like change. Throughout the short story Christopher, the fisherman is constantly fighting the changes. Like a river, Christopher is not willing to just simply change his course for something new in his environment. The river also represents consistency. Throughout the story the reader learns that the fisherman’s life has been consistent so far, without any change. At times, a river has to change its course and consistency when something new is added to its path. For example, a river may be running perfectly smoothly for many years, but when man may add a dam into the river’s path, the river is forced to change its ways. Just as a river is forced to change its path when a dam is added, Christopher was forced to change his ways to the new ideas brought before him. Imagery, is also used a lot in many stories including “Christopher, the Fisherman”. Imagery is very descriptive words that an author uses to help “paint a picture” in the reader’s mind. By “painting this...
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