Literary Analysis

Topics: New York City, Character, Short story Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Literary analysis

I am going to compare two stories from the collection American Stories. It is a collection of six short stories, each one written by a different author, and I’ve chosen Full circle and The romantic to compare them.

The first story, Full circle, was written by Edith Wharton and published in 1909. It is about how succesful a writer is with his novels and the relationship he has with his secretary. This story is located in New York City and Geoffrey Betton, the main character, lives in a luxurious apartment in the Fifth Avenue, symbol of wealth, and where the upper classes of New York live. This story takes place around the end of 19th century and the beggining of the 20th century. As Geoffrey is a member of the upper class of New York, he wants to maintain his status, so when he sees that his novel is not being as successful as the other one, he starts writing fake letters. We can also appreciate that Vyse, the secretary, takes advantage of Geoffrey, because he is employed in a job where he doesn’t has to work, so he only want the money.

The second story, The romantic, was written by Patricia Highsmith and was published in 1983. It is about the personal and social life of a middle aged woman. This story is located in New York City, where Isabel, the main character, lives and works for a company as a typist. The author mentioned many areas from New York, such as Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens. Isabel is an only child and an orphan and what she used to do was reading romantic novels, that is the reason of the title. Loneliness is present during all the story and suffered by Isabel.

On the one hand, both stories present some similarities. The most evident one is the location, both are placed at New York. Literature is also present in the two of them. In Full circle, the main character, Geoffrey is a writer, and in The romantic, Isabel enjoys reading romantic novels, is what she does in...
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