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Topics: Melvin B. Tolson, The Great Debaters, White people Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Literary Analysis
Lee Bares
Hour 1
Racism has been a part of our history ever since we have become an independent country. In the movie “The Great Debaters,” it portrays the difficulties of racism in the eyes of a black debating team. It shows all the troubles they go through on a day to day basis that the white people have never experienced. They are faced with the challenge of seeing horrific murders, dealing with false accusations, and most importantly discouragement from succeeding.

James L. Farmer Jr. was a 14 year old black student on Wiley College’s debate team. He was given a reality check to racism in the most gruesome way possible. He and his team were driving one night when they came across of white farmers lynching an innocent black man on their farm. The men saw that the car was filled with black men and one black female, so they chased the car down in desperation to catch them. But luckily, the debate team scurried away untouched. This event would change anyone’s life, and it is a shame that a 14 year old boy had to see such a horrific crime.

At a time in the movie, Melvin B. Tolson, was attending this meeting in a barn held by black and white people. The people were trying to form a union because they wanted a say in what happens around the city. But the police showed up and busted the joint and tried to get all of the black people in trouble for having this underground meeting. The worst part was the police arrested Melvin for being a part of this, not let him go coach his team at the Harvard debate.

Lastly, the debate team had to deal with doubts from others that they couldn’t succeed. They sent out all of these letters to different colleges that were denied because they were a black college. And when their offers were accepted, the white people that showed up to the debate gave them zero respect. They wouldn’t listen to the black debaters until they used their words to prove themselves that they had a valid point. Melvin would have...
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