Literacy Theories

Topics: Consonant, Learning, Education Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Critically assess any two literacy theories and underscore their importance in the literacy acquisition process. Clearly demonstrate how these literacy theories may be applicable in teaching literacy in a grade of your choice by designing lessons that reflect them.

What is the best way of teaching literacy? Children learn in various ways, but what theory works best for the majority of students in the classroom? As simple as the words are in those questions are, the answer is by no means easy to come by. The onlything that can realley be said is to try different ways of teachiing your students. What may have worked for one set one year may not work for the next set the year after. Teachers are faced with the daunting task of finding the best strategy that works. Early childhood teachers were taught that the best way of teaching language is from the bottom up at the same time when we speak and read to our kids are we not going from the top down? Bottom up theory of learning according to Gove (1983) states that Bottom up models assume that the translation process begins with print i.e., letter or word identification, and proceeds to progressively larger linguistic units, phrases, sentences, etc., ending in meaning (p.262). A student who uses bottom up theory first learns the basics of language by creeping, their way up from letter sound association. So the letter a says /a/ as in apple,, also c say /k/ for cake. So everywhere they see the letter 'a' the assume it has its short sound, but the 'a' in cake and other similar words has a long sound. Phonemic awareness plays an important part in bottom up theory, students learn to listen inside a word. They are encouraged to do a number of things when they are learning to be phonemically aware, like blending words, putting sounds together to form a word with simple consonant vowel consonant words like bat, mop etc. Segmentation is also learnt where they hear the word and pull its sounds apart example fish. Fish has...
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