Literacy Reflection

Topics: Education, Learning, Parent Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Literacy Reflection
Anthony F. D’Ampolo
American College of Education
August 19th, 2012

Analysis Reflection
I have been working at Lawnwood Elementary school for three years and believed that we had a tremendous literacy program. I acknowledged this because of the classes that I would push in and provide inclusion services to, and the school grade earned every year was an “A”. I was never intricately involved in the planning of the literacy programs and I provided support services to the lowest 30% as directed by my supervisor. I always just assumed the literacy aspect at my school was commissioned by a committee whom delivered the curricula to the teachers, who then implemented it with the students. I was not too involved in the particulars of the cultures or challenges that our students endured on a daily basis. I just assumed that if they were low readers then they would receive services. I never factored culture; I just kept it simple and shallow.

Taking this course really put issues in perspective and feed me a dose of reality soup. I learned that my school did not have a diverse literacy committee, made up of teachers, stakeholders, and parents. I also learned that our school culture is almost 90% in the minority and on the poverty end of socio-economic status. I learned trends and issues that are apparent at Lawnwood are poverty, under-educated population, working families, sibling caretakers, and modest family participation. Making a connection with these truths has enlightened me to embrace the dispositions of Equity along with Diversity and Unity to help promote an effective learning environment that includes all students not matter the situation.

Self-knowledge of the situation at the school leads me to only one conclusion; we must increase parental involvement on the reading committee and with academics then, student achievement and academic growth should increase. “Research tells us that parental involvement is one of the most...
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