Literacy Narrative

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4. The Writing Process and The Literacy Narrative

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The Writing Process and The Literacy Narrative
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Literacy Narrative Paper Instructions
NWCC ENG 1113 w/L. Haraway
Literacy Narrative Assignment (Adapted from The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing, 6th ed.) Assignment: Write an autobiographical narrative that focuses on your experiences with language, reading, writing, or education. Incorporate the literary elements of plot, character, setting, theme, and descriptive language in the telling of your story. The finished paper should explicitly state, develop, and complete a narrative point. The paper must meet a minimum word count of 500 in order to be considered complete. There is no word limit, so feel free to write a much longer paper. Purpose: to experience the full writing process, to develop skill in basic essay composition, to understand narration, to demonstrate understanding of close description or illustration in writing Audience: a broad and diverse group of readers

Tone: your content determines the tone; whether you choose a serious or light-hearted tone, a critical or celebratory one, it should be clear to the reader and consistent throughout Models: We will read two to three literacy narratives by literary authors; I offer each as an example of the kind of essay I am asking you to write, so please carefully consider each. These are located in the Reading Assignments folder for this week. * Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

* Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie
* Shame by Dick Gregory
Typical Features of a Literacy Narrative:
* a focus on the writer’s experience with language, writing, reading, schooling, teachers, or some other important aspect of education * a focus on bringing an insight about the significance of learning, language, reading, or writing to readers through a clearly developed narrative point or thesis * a focus on engaging readers and connecting them to an understanding of the writer’s educational/learning experience, prompting them to think about their own educational experiences and larger questions about the purpose and value of education Suggested prompts for brainstorming:

* early experiences with reading, writing, language, or math (the universal language) * obstacles in your educational past or present
* a teacher’s influence or impact on your life (positive or negative) * the influence or impact of a learning environment on your life (can be positive or negative) * a break-through moment in your development as a literate person * an educational experience that shaped your identity as a person or student * a reflection upon a past educational experience that you viewed one way in the past and another way now * cheating

* standardized tests
* coping with a learning disability or a condition/illness that affected your education * conflicts between school and home (environment, expectations, values, etc.) Refer to the Due Dates area of the course for the specific date and time the first draft and final draft are due. The final draft of this paper is worth 20% of your total course grade. Please remember that no secondary (library or internet) research is needed to write this paper, that plagiarism will result in failure,...
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