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Topics: Fiction, Narrator, Narratology Pages: 4 (816 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Directions: Fill in the blanks in the following statements with the correct word or words that are listed on a separate page.

1.A foil helps to reveal by contrast the distinctive qualities of another character.

2.A character is considered static because he does not change.

3.A flat character embodies one or two qualities, ideas, or traits that can be described in a brief summary.

4.Stock characters are stereotypes found in formula fiction that are types rather than individuals and are easily recognizable.

5.A dynamic character undergoes some kind of change because of the action of the plot.

6.The methods by which a writer creates people in a story so that they actually seem to exist are called characterization

7.The moment of greatest emotional tension in a story is called climax.

8.A suggestion of what is yet to come in fiction is called foreshadowing.

9.The hero or central character of a story is known as the protagonist.

10. The force that opposes the hero or central character is known as the antagonist.

11.In internal (conflict), some moral or psychological issue must be resolved within the protagonist.

12.In external (conflict) the author may place the protagonist in opposition to another individual, nature, or society.

13.The resolution of a conflict is also known as the denouement or “untying of the knot.”

14.The background information the reader needs to make sense of the situation in which the characters are placed is called exposition.

15. A complication intensifying the plot or situation is called rising action.

16. A device that informs us about events that happened before the opening scene of a work is called a flashback.

17.The author’s arrangement of incidents in a story is known as the plot.

18.A fiction consisting of carefully arranged words to stir the imagination of the reader is literature.

19. Those works considered by scholars, critics, and teachers to be the most...
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