Literacy, Education and the Government

Topics: Elections, Lok Sabha, Politics Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: July 23, 2012
To commence with, I would like to pose a question to all of you - What would literacy mean here—matriculates, graduates, PhDs? Who decides? I would also like to ask the audience at large the difference between ‘literacy’ and ‘education’. To answer this- Literacy merely implies ability to read and write whereas education is enhancing one’s ability to reason, make informed choices and sound judgement. It is a statistical fact that for elections at all levels, a certain the segment of the voting population which has rendered itself powerless to affect the outcome of elections:  is the educated, middle and upper class, largely urban segment of the population. They are majorly ruled by by their perception that their vote cannot matter. Their high levels of complacency towards policy matters do reflect the fact that years/degree education is probably not the best indicator of civic sense. The illiterate and the poor constitute very large and powerful ‘vote banks’ which are pandered to by unscrupulous political parties. Hence the key issue is low morals and not literacy .The solution to the problem lies in not treating masses as vote banks. The contestants should be ceased the access to resources to lure the poor with goodies, liquor or money. We need to have a high barrier to entry on who can contest elections. Make the minimum requirement so stringent that only highly qualified people, who have demonstrated professional excellence, personal integrity, deep commitment to the overall development of India, etc., can be candidates for political posts. To elect one’s rep is an expression of intelligence, sensitivity and understandings- which do not necessarily come from literacy or your ability to read or write. It is about being fully aware of the political process and politically mature to elect purposely. People with fancy degrees sometimes fail to demonstrate even the difference between lok sabha and rajya sabha. They are oblivious to the local problems faced by their...
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