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Topics: Festival, Arts festival, Festivals Pages: 16 (5568 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Alvernia University
Bus 444 Marketing Research Seminar
Literature Review
Carla Beltran del Rio
Monday October 22 2012


Throughout my research with these various articles, I have been able to continuously see a trend of the love people have for festivals. The topic varies from seasonal festivals to crazy fetishes. Not only are these festivals brought to life by organizations, but they are celebrated and are able to continuously be able to be held because of the help of entire communities and the hard work they all put in to make festivals successful. The Hay Creek Festival could benefit by allowing itself to incorporate some of the same characteristics many of the other festivals I have read articles about have done and continuously continue to do because of their success rate.

Awesome in Autumn
This piece of literature appeared to be for a tourist prepared by a travel agent. This brochure based literature divided the state of Pennsylvania up into three divisions: Northern, Central, and Southern Pennsylvania. The literature was prepared in order to present the so called most popular fall activities in the three divisions of Pennsylvania. For each division, the article features a popular road in which you may stumble upon not just one, but a few different interesting sights and sees to enjoy. This piece of literature gives me a perspective on not specifically on how great a festival is or how it was able to be so successful, but it proves a point that Pennsylvania’s main attraction, its scenic beauty. Joanna Furnace is a very beautiful and interesting location that is screaming out for help in the sense that The Hay Creek association is not putting as much emphasis on its natural beauty and is putting way too much work in other materialistic attractions that are just mere distractions from Joanna Furnace and its location.

Fall Festival Offers Local Delights
This piece of literature presents a local festival in a small community in which the whole community comes together to make it the success it is today. Everyone in their community appears to be either selling or purchasing others goods while enjoying ones company and enjoying the fall activities as well.

This small yet dead on article gives me the idea that in order to make anything, and in this sense a festival successful, the organization that is making the festival occur needs to put their one hundred percent in. As I have noticed with our research study so far, many of the volunteers at the Hay Creek Festival appear to be not in the mood or in better terms prefer to be somewhere else. They need to have a spark in interest in the festival, love what they are doing, and allow a lot more people who are experienced in making people feel welcome and other craftsmen’s who can give the Hay Creek Festival a much better atmosphere.

The Festivals are Gearing up for outdoor Fun
This article breaks down different festivals in a community around the same time frame. It presents each festival and gives a brief description as to what the festival is about. It appears to be more of a users guide to the community and attracts you to every single one of the festivals even if you are not a big fan of the topic pertaining to the festival.

This piece struck a cord in me that with a simple way of describing a festival, one would most definitely be attracted in going. The Hay Creek Festival has immense potential in the sense that it is a very interesting place with rich history that is just screaming to be shown off to the world. The Hay Creek organization needs to find their way into people’s conversations to spark the interest in writing about it and therefore more and more people will attend the festivals held there.

No Fetish Unexploited
This piece of literature is very interesting. It proves that as long as there is an interest in a topic, an organization can...
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