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1)Franklin was an optimist. Even in the dire situation he was in, he still believed that everyone had a chance of surviving. At first, when he despaired, when he ‘was silent for a few moments’, when ‘he rejected quite calmly at first, the thought of getting home’, he thought he would die. However, he surveyed his situation and realized that ‘they had plenty of height and he was not afraid’. He knew he still had a chance of surviving if he tried. Even in an airplane with broken propellers and falling out of the sky, he found the strength and courage to keep calm and keep him and his crew alive. The chances were slim, the journey would be tough, but Franklin did not give up. He saw a glimmer of hope in the dark sky of despair and knew that was his way out. He was so certain of their survival that he gave the crew instructions on what they had to do once they got off the broken and falling right towards the ground airplane of theirs. He was optimistic about them getting out in one piece and even surviving landing in German occupied territory. When O’Conner said that the French were all crooks, Franklin confidently said that they’re ‘going to find that out’. That meant he was not only confident of getting out of the falling plane safely, but will manage to get past the French and German territory.

Franklin was practical. He knew that when the plane went down, the only thing preventing him from dying was he. If he wanted to save him and his crew, he had to take the chances he got and save them all. He knew the lives of those on the airplane were in his hands, so he plainly laid it to them that they were ‘going to land within the next five or ten minutes’. He knew that the airscrew was broken and that landing properly were their only chance of survival. Nothing else could be done, it was their only hope. Franklin could not afford to panic or give up, for if he did, then their deaths were certain. Thus, he was practical in his decisions and gave the crew instructions...
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