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Topics: Fiction, Style Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Literary Analysis of “Sugar Dada” by J. Allyn Rosser

Thesis- J. Allyn Rosser uses metaphors and imagery to explain that a woman’s “sugar dada” is not really beneficial to his lover and the narrator is trying to get at the fact that this “love” isn’t a reality.

Topic Sentence- J. Allyn Rosser uses symbols and metaphors to represent love and convey the view that change is possible, things can turn around in a split second. A. Metaphors
a. “Mist is always almost just about to lift” à metaphor for how things can look up (Line 7-8).
b. “Faith”, “morning’s catalyst” à meaning that every new day begins with faith, so when the morning comes, your faith is replenished (16-17). B. Symbols
a. “The kiss, the diamond” (2) à symbolizes the standard images for love and commitment. The “sugar dada” is far from committed.
Topic Sentence- Rosser uses imagery to represent the pain and darkness of the unrealistic relationship between a woman and her fogged perception of her “sugar dada”. A. Heat imagery
a. “Searing twist” (10). à burning pain of being stuck in a fantasy of love that isn’t true.
b. “flame mounted on cool amethyst” (11). à images of heat and cool contradict each other.
B. Imagery
a. “still-black stars our century will miss” à
Conclusion- Rosser uses a few literary devices to convey a sad, almost attempted helpful tone to narrate the fact that the sugar dada is not a reality, and he will be gone sooner than later.
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