Listening Task Study: Listening and Note Taking

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Listening Task Study
Listening and note taking
Listen carefully each time.
Make notes of what you hear. Better to have too many notes than not enough. •Be sure to take down quotes or language used in the text. •Have a shorthand system that is meaningful to you.
Use arrows to show linked ideas.
Answering questions
Use the amount of marks appointed to the question as a guide to how much information is required. 1 mark = 1 piece of information. •If in doubt about what to include in the answer, put it all in. •Use the language of the text as often as you can. Do not simplify the meaning or understanding of the text in your response. •Do not use your general knowledge. You must interpret the meaning from the text, not from how you understand the world should work. •Always interpret the meaning intended within context of the text. •Every answer should reference the text, preferably with direct quote or by using the language of the text. •Make sure you hear the word correctly and write it as you hear it. Language features to look out for in listening tasks

Sound devices
Statistics and Cultural references or intertextuality
TermMeaningExample – provided where helpful
Context – clarifies the meaning of something, either through historical information or by providing further detail before and / or after itThe conditions /circumstance relevant to an event, fact, e.g. time/place etc Conversational speech – characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation Dialect – form of a language spoken in a particular geographical area or by members of a particular social class or occupational group, distinguished by its vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciationCockney is a dialect of English

*not to be confused with ‘accent’ which is pronunciation common to a certain language dialect Diction – the choice and use of words in speech or writing Digression – an act or...
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