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Listening skills are very important in everyday life. One must understand what people are saying and what is happening around them. In order for this to be done effectively, one must be an active listener. This is achieved when the listener is listening for meaning; when the listener checks if the statement has been heard and understood correctly. The goal of this is to improve mutual understanding. Many people believe that listening skills are taught when in elementary school or during childhood. Truthfully, one can never really learn all the skills and apply them all the time. Many times people will be “listening” to someone talk but in their head will be thinking about something else, or even be distracted by something that is going on around them. Therefore, to become a better listener, one must make eye contact with the speaker, observe the speakers behaviour and body language and also paraphrase the speaker’s words and write them down as notes. Having good listening skills may come in helpful in a variety of situations. For example, during class, while taking notes, during a job interview, while interviewing a person, during counselling, while having a serious conversation with a friend or loved one, or while on the job, especially in a journalistic setting. In groups, listening skills may help attain better information and research or even assist in reaching a compromise or conclusion. Being a good listener has its benefits. By having good listening skills one can avoid having misunderstanding, resolve conflicts, get people to open up, and build trust.  In order to develop pupils’ listening skill, teachers should make pupils listen to songs, rhymes and stories. To show their understanding of what they have heard, pupils can be asked to answer questions that require them to recall ideas, give details and even talk about the ideas heard. 1

Here, I will state the objectives, rationale and steps of the listening skill activity. a)Objectives of the activity
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to
a)Listen to simple short stories and recall the names of people, animals and
b)Listen to simple short stories and recall the story-line by answering simple
c)Listen to simple short stories and shared feelings about the story. b)Rationale of the activity
This activity all students to become active participants in the listening process rather than passive listeners. It encourages interaction by “live” listening and expose students to a variety of voices beside the teacher’s voice. It also develops their ability to listen well and become more independent learners. Pupils are able to reproduce their accuracy and refine their understanding of grammar and also develop their own vocabulary.

c)Steps of the activity
a)Teacher asks pupils to listen to the short story in the CD player.
b)Pupils listen to the story and teacher asks pupils on the character mentioned in
the story.
c)Pupils listen to the short story for the second time.
d) Teacher distributes the worksheets for the pupils to answer.

e)Pupils listen to the story again for the third time and answer the questions
given in the worksheet.
f)Teacher discusses answers with pupils and talks about the story. d)Sample of worksheet for listening activity
Instruction : Listen to the short story and answer the questions.
1.How many large pots does the water bearer have?
AHe has one large pot.
BHe has two large pots.
CHe has three large pots.
2.Where is the water bearer going?
AHe is going to his friend’s house.
BHe is going to the master’s house.
CHe is going to the mistress’s house.
3.How many pots of water does he deliver?
AHe delivers one and a half pails of water.
BHe delivers two and a half pails of water.
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