Listening Practice Test

Topics: Question, Phosphorus, FACTOR Pages: 9 (1161 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Answer keys
Section 1
1 A
2 C
3 D
4 D
5 C
6 Prescott (must be correct spelling
with capital “P”)
7 41
8 Fountain (must have capital “F”)
9 752239
10 £65
Section 2
11 E
12 F
13 H
14 $250 million
15 roads//road system
16 too late
17 school children//boys
18 3
19 boats//pleasure crafty/boats and
pleasure craft
20 pilot
21 (musical) instruments
Section 3
22 A
23 B
24 C
25 A
26 talk//give a talk
27 write up work
28 can choose
29 open book
30 closed reserve
31 vocational (subjects)//(preparing for)
Section 4
32 B
33 C
34 history and economics
35 (meeting) deadlines (for essays)
36 attendance
37 B
38 C
39 B
40 D
41 A
Answer keys
&__)"('+_!!_'_ ______+,___-____._/___-_______________-_ Questions 1-8
Questions 9-15
Suggested approach
• Read the task rubric carefully. In this task you
have to decide which match is being described
in each question.
• Decide what information is best to skim for in
the passage: the type of match or the
description. In this question it is best to skim
for the types of match as these are names, some
of which are in italics, they are easier for you to
pick out.
• Skim through the text until you find match A,
the Ethereal Match.
• Read that section of the text and underline any
important features of this match.
• Read through the descriptions and write A next
to any that fit this type of match.
If you think there is more than one possible
description for the match, note A next to both.
(The rubric states that you may use any match
more than once. )
• Towards the top of the second page of the text
it states that the Ethereal Match consisted of a
“sealed glass tube”, so A is the answer to
question 14. Note that the description is
expressed differently from the text. Sometimes
you have to match the meaning rather than the
• If you think none of the descriptions fits this
type of match, go on to the next the rubric also
states that there are not enough descriptions to
fit all the matches.
Questions Task Skills tested
1-8 Gap fill summary • skimming for information
• detailed understanding of a section of text
• ability to paraphrase/re-word original text
9-15 Matching (items to
• skimming for specific information
• understanding description/characteristics
• understanding paraphrase
Question Answer
1 preserve
2 unaware
3 chance
4 friction
5 rotating
6 percussion
7 Eskimos
8 despite
Question Answer
14 A “… a sealed glass tube …”
12 C “The first matches resembling
those used today …”
13 G “… a brewery had the novel
idea of advertising …”
Location of answer in text
“… the red phosphorus was
non toxic”
“… three years later it was
copied …”
“… since white phosphorus is
a deadly poison …”
15 C “… borrowed the formula
from a military rocketmaker
Question Answer Location of answer in text
26 A “… 10,000 is a serious
underestimate of the total
number of places
masquerading as zoological
27 D “One would assume that the
calibre of these institutions
would have been carefully
examined but …”
28 E The last two paragraphs of the
text but in particular: “Today
approximately 16 species
might be said to have been
“saved” by captive breeding
programmes, although a
number of these can hardly be
looked upon as resounding
Practice Test 1
&__)"('+_!!_'___ 0___!_____1_________2______
Suggested approach
• Read the task rubric carefully. Only three of the
factors in the list are correct. The correct
factors explain why the author doubts the value
of the WZCS document.
• Scan the text and mark the section that
discusses the accuracy/value of theWZCS
document. This is from the third paragraph
• Read through the list of factors to familiarise
yourself with it.
• Begin...
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