Listening Log of Classical Music

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Listening log

Composer- W.A Mozart Title of work- Bassoon Concerto in B flat major (K. 191)
Date of Composition- 1774 Date of listening- 22/10/2010 Medium of performance-CD
Karen Geoghegan (bassoon) BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda

This is Mozart’s only surviving bassoon concert, the concerto has three movements- * I. Allegro
* II. Andate ma Adagio
* III Rondo : tempo di menuetto
The first movement is sonata form, the second movement is a slow movement with small variations on motifs and the final movement is a rondo. They follow the key structure of I-V-I This is originally written for accompaniment by an orchestra but editions are available with just piano accompaniment. The piece stars with an orchestral introduction of 34 bars playing a few motifs from the piece until the soloist enters and expands on the motifs that were played in the opening. The slow second movement explores small sections of motifs in antecedent-consequent sometimes with the oboe until the thirds and final movement, the rondo. The orchestra starts with the themes and the solo bassoon takes the themes and varies them on top of the accompaniment. The texture is mainly homophonic with the bassoon having the melodic line above most of the accompaniment, the wind mainly harmonise where as the strings in tutti sections play melodic motifs. The register on the bassoon used is wide and varies in each movement especially in the cadenzas. This concerto is played by most bassoonists and is always required in auditions and as part of their repertoire. I have played this and know how hard the phrasing and pitch control can be, Karen Geoghegan played this beautifully and her control and tone were sustained very well throughout the piece.

Composer- W.A...
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