Listening Habits

Topics: Soul music, Aretha Franklin, Gospel music Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: September 1, 2012
Listening Habits Paper
LaShondra Herring
University of Phoenix

Listening Habits

There are many styles of music like gospel, R&B, classical, jazz, country and many others. The style and artists that represents my listening style is not just one particular person but a whole genre. Gospel music is the style of music that keeps me focused with day-to-day issues, with artist like Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin. These people have voices with soul that touches my heart. The songs they sing are from real life experiences. Mary Mary have taken their life story and put it on television for the world to know that what they sing about is real. I really admire these ladies because of the privileged they offer people with one of their show “Sunday’s Best.” With this show they help those that are pursuing a career as a gospel singer. Co-hosting with Mary Mary is Donnie McClurkin. He is a Bishop, who gives more of himself than it is possible. He has traveled to many places in this world to offer his help where it was needed. He is also the type of person that comes with his arms open wide. Another reason I admire Mary Mary so much is because they are sisters that go through their sibling rivalry, but are always there for one another. I relate to this because of the relationship I have with my sister. We have our battles, but we are always there in the time of need. Another genre that touches my soul is R&B (rhythm & blues), with singers like Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle, who are also gospel singers. Aretha and Patti both inspire me because they have achieved singing two styles of music. Both ladies grew up in church and later pursued their singing careers and managed to remain in the business for over 40 years. Aretha performed songs that inspired people to believe and respect themselves. Patti gave us music that makes us want to move your feet. I enjoy all kinds of music because music fuels the soul. Music can give some people encouragement...
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