Listening and Perception

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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Listening and Perception 2

We humans are different and unique. We can see these differences in everything we do and create. Interestedly we have a variety of views and concepts in very little or insignificant aspects of our daily living. Members of the same family can have a personal interpretation of what they considered best for society. For this reason we had to find ways to resolve conflict and manage situations, in order to live a more productive life with the less conflict possible. For my assignment I contacted five persons three of them were of Hispanic background. One of them was a white person and the other one an African American. I showed them the picture and all were kind to accept to help me with the assignment. They all had similar descriptions and also very different words to qualify the work to be done. They all agreed that the picture portrait a male, of middle age from African American background. The first traits that came to people’s perception were those that had to do with the physical appearance of the male in the photograph. Those traits that describe best the person were those who define the individual with his color of skin, his age, his complexity, his gender; then they describe, what was the perception they had; due to what the individual was doing on the ground. And finally they tried to guess what he was doing in that position. What they saw was determinant to make a description of the man in the picture. When we gather some information about a person; or a situation whatsoever, one can formulate a Listening and Perception 3

right or wrong comment or decision of the individual or situation we encounter. A lot of people have a tendency of talking too quick to make a statement without analyzing the situation; and at this point the process of communication becomes unclear or lead to misunderstandings. We need to be careful when we are exercising our judgment. We need to analyze all situations before making a statement. Once...
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