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Topics: Music, Wedding March, A Midsummer Night's Dream Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: June 29, 2011
A Mid-Summer Night 's Dream, Opus: Op. 61: Wedding March as composed by Felix Mendelssohn. Kind of music as referred or viewed with a referential listener that shows the dramatic end of the twist-love stories. The story was so inspiring as well as to music being composed and used as soundtrack for many wedding movie, in the sense that the referential listener felt each character being portrayed. And despite to all odds, there 's still a rainbow after the rain intention and desired of the musicologist to deliver to his listeners was successful, for an instance, was entertained and got associated by his music because I felt the connection, excitement and fulfillment the main personas including others have achieved. They were able to fight for their right to love.

The song was played during the marches of the brides through the aisles as they were being waited by their grooms near the altar .The song is arranged for most of the brides, and is meant to be played for very especial occasions like wedding ceremonies. The kind of instruments also enhances great impact to the composition because it made the song more meaningful, inspiring, solemn, touching and unbreakable. Music is an art, and instruments add up its harmony, expressions, to dwell in people 's heart. Right instruments to be used into a certain piece make them (the songs) to be more especial and valued by the listeners who analyze and accept the work of every musician. Composer Mendelssohn had made a fine perfect and souls breaking to the lovers who want to make a bind for the rest of their lives become true love.
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