List Phrases of a Computer Attack

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First and for most this process I found out seems like a whole lot of hassle so I don’t understand why people would do this and just get caught in the end. But I will be listing 5 general phases of a computer attack that one would have to go through to be successful in other words jumping through hoops that are on fire. Phase 1 - Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance is probably the longest phase, sometimes lasting weeks or months.  The black hat uses a variety of sources to learn as much as possible about the target business and how it operates, including * Internet searches

* Social engineering
* Dumpster diving
* Domain name management/search services
* Non-intrusive network scanning

Phase 2 - Scanning
Once the attacker has enough information to understand how the business works and what information of value might be available, he or she begins the process of scanning perimeter and internal network devices looking for weaknesses, including * Open ports

* Open services
* Vulnerable applications, including operating systems
* Weak protection of data in transit
* Make and model of each piece of LAN/WAN equipment

Phase 3 - Gaining Access
Gaining access to resources is the whole point of a modern-day attack.  The usual goal is to either extract information of value to the attacker or use the network as a launch site for attacks against other targets.  In either situation, the attacker must gain some level of access to one or more network devices. Phase 4 - Maintaining Access

Having gained access, an attacker must maintain access long enough to accomplish his or her objectives.  Although an attacker reaching this phase has successfully circumvented your security controls, this phase can increase the attacker’s vulnerability to detection. Phase 5 – Covering Tracks

After achieving his or her objectives, the attacker typically takes steps to hide the intrusion and possible controls left behind for future visits.  Again, in...
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