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Ques: Using the duties listed in this case, make a list of the competencies required for each job? According to the duties mentioned in the case, we have used the Skills Matrix as a medium to define the importance and the characteristics of the job. Such a matrix is useful is defining the competencies required in a job especially if the company goal is high performance work system. In the following case, Accounts Manager and the HR Consultants job duties are specified in the matrix format as discussed below:

(Appendix A- here ,A is the minimum level of skills required in the job and H is the highest level of skills required in the job) In the case, the job duties of Accounts Managers is summarized as to analyze new business opportunities, deliver formal business presentations, Manage a team of HR consultants, and to select, interview and present candidates to the clients . Thus, in order to achieve that the Manager should have high level of business awareness. His decision making and initiative taking skills should also be high. He should be able to select the right candidate as per the needs of the client and the job requirement. In this case, the basic technical know about of the job will be sufficient. The Job mainly needs high leadership skills, a good orator with good communication skills ,and prompt decision making skills. The Manager should also possess high efficiency in problem solving. Thus, the matrix rates high on communication and interpersonal skills with business awareness. The Manager will be the face of the company. Thus, good leadership, good decision making comes to play and have high rating on the matrix as the Accounts Managers job competencies lies in the skills mentioned above . This way the job gets described in form of skills and thus it gets easier to achieve the strategic goals of the company.

(Appendix B-here, A is the minimum level of skills required in the job and H is the highest level of skills required in the job)...
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