List of Environmental Problems

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: January 21, 2012
List of Environmental Problems
The earth's environment has become a pervasive and global problem. There is growing awareness about the need to conserve our environment. Read on to know the different environmental problems.

Today the earth’s environment is in a sorry state. Wherever one looks, one encounters pollution. Forests are disappearing. The green patches in the city are being replaced by concrete buildings. Waste products are being dumped indiscriminately. Water is too toxic to drink. The air is unfit to breathe. Global warming has become a menacing issue. There is a question mark over the survival of life on the earth. The human race is at the brink of a self-created disaster. Truly there is a surfeit of environmental problems today. 

List of environmental problems

There are a number of significant environmental problems today. They are as follows: * Loss of forest cover. Forest are being cut down for timber, construction and for obtaining extra agricultural land. * Air pollution. This is caused by polluting industries and vehicular traffic. Burning incinerators, furnaces and stoves cause it. Wind is responsible for spreading air pollution. The Ozone layer has been damaged because of the use of CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) which are used in a number of industrial, commercial, and household applications. * Water pollution. Industries and factories release toxic wastes into the water. Leakage from oil tankers causes pollution of the sea. Pesticides and fertilizers also cause water pollution. Sewage released by cities into water bodies. It is predicted that there will be conflicts among nations because water will become scarce. * Overpopulation. The increase in human population increases demands for the water resources. More land is required for housing. There is increased demand for food for which more agricultural land is needed. More fuel is required. More automobiles cause more pollution. * Erosion of soil. When trees and plants...
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