List & Explain the Positive & Negative Factors That Brought About the Industrial Revolution.

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton, British Agricultural Revolution Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 20, 2011
The industrial revolution in the mid-18th century was the most influential transformation of human culture. It was a period of great change, new industries developed rapidly as a result of a number of new inventions and the way in which things were produced.

The reformation of agriculture in England paved the way for industrialization. Wealthy landowners dramatically improved farming methods that amounted to an agricultural revolution. Charles Townshend’s four field crop rotation system was one of the major inventions. This system helped keep the ground good for farming almost all year by using complimentary crops to naturally rejuvenate the soil. Besides that, Jethro Tull’s seed planting drill was an innovation that allowed seeds to be easily planted deep into the earth instead of on top where the majority was washed away. These inventions aided the agriculture caused food supplies to increase & living conditions to improve thus eventually increased the population in Europe. (Table 22.1, The European Population Explosion, 1700-1900)

Population explosion & urbanization during the 18th century explained a vital revolution resulted by the agricultural changes. (pg 537, 538, Document 22.1 – Thomas Malthus On the Principle of Pupulation) During this time, many diseases struck the people like cholera; sanitation problem of the water greatly decreased the child morality too. In the midst of this, many women too died of childbirth. Through the improvement of diet & the conquering of diseases as well as the creation of medical anesthesia, vital revolution was overcome & rates of reproduction continued to increase.

With more productive farms & a smaller workload during the agricultural revolution, people were able to leave the farms & go to the cities. Moreover, the Enclosure Movement (page 541) which required all farmers to build an expensive gate around their lands – had led many people especially poor farmers to move to cities to find work. Because of that,...
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