Liquor Sales on Sunday?

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Liquor Stores on Sunday?
The liquor store industry makes an average annual profit of $45 billion dollars. There are also 172,611 people employed in the liquor store industry, and there are also 42,941 liquor stores in the United States (“Liquor Store Statistics” 1). Liquor stores have been operating for hundreds of years. Liquor stores are also a world-wide industry. There are thousands of liquor stores throughout the country. The main reason why some states don’t allow liquor sales on Sunday is because of religious beliefs. So some people will eventually get outraged because they are having to live the way how other people believe is the right way to live because of the Bible. There are many states that allow liquor stores to be open on Sunday, but there are also many states that don’t allow liquor sales on Sunday. There are currently 36 states that do allow sales on Sunday, which would make 14 states that don’t. There have also been some Minnesota liquor stores that lost great amounts of money in 2010 (“Analysis of Municipal Liquor Store Operations” 1). There is also room for great profit from all of these stores also. Some liquor stores can make a lot of money in profit, and some can lose great amounts of money. Out of the states that don’t allow Sunday liquor sales is because of the state’s governments haven’t approved of it yet. The government thinks that the stores will end up losing money because of it, and if the stores start to lose money that means the government will be losing money. Minnesota hasn’t allowed it yet because there have been many liquor stores on Minnesota that has lost money. Minnesota is now and has been an island state of states allowing liquor sales on Sunday. The states that haven’t allowed Sunday liquor sales should allow it so those stores can make more money, but it should be optional for each individual store to be open on Sunday because some of the store might end up losing money while other stores might gain large profits. There have been many changes to the liquor store industry throughout the years. There are multiple different types of liquor stores, which include independent stores, local chains, state-run outlets, and large wholesaler type stores (“Overview of the Liquor Store Industry” 14). Throughout the years that liquor stores have been operating there needs to be some changes due to technology advancements. Also due to the amount of customers now, they also need to make changes. The largest hit to the liquor store industry was during the Prohibition Era, where all liquor sales and all liquor consumptions were outlawed, which also made liquor stores shut down (“Overview of the Liquor Store Industry” 13). Soon after the Prohibition Era, liquor sales started back up which led to large competitions between liquor stores. In 1978 states allowed supermarkets and gas stations to come into the competition of liquor sales. Sunday liquor sales were banned because of religious reasons. Some of the people that are religious say that it should not be allowed to sell liquor on Sundays, but not everyone in the world is religious or believes in the same thing. According to Alcohol Blue Laws, some religious people say, “We believe the church plays a critical role in our nation, therefore we do not believe the historical documents of this country, our state, or our local government teach anywhere of a separation of church and state (“Alcohol Blue Laws” 2). So why should everyone have to serve the consequences for what only some people believe, and not what everyone believes? It has also been said that people are opposed to Sunday liquor sales because it is told in the Bible not to do so, and how it is also going against the fourth commandment to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy (“Alcohol Blue Laws” 2). Also how most of the oppositions to selling liquor on Sunday are frequently, and usually, all based on religious beliefs. This belief has been around for many years. Selling liquor on...
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