Topics: Green Bay Packers, National Football League, American football positions Pages: 4 (1603 words) Published: January 15, 2012
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Last year the Green Bay Packers won the super bowl championship, while the Detroit Lions didn't even make it to the playoffs. This would send out the message to any football fans that these two teams cannot even be compared. But [In academic writing, avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction ] , to a fan that analyze teams, and has been watching football this season; it is obvious that the Green Bay packers and the Detroit Lions are two teams that should be compared. Because what many don't realize is that the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions share many characteristics that make them great [Writing suggestion: "great" is an overworked word, too frequently seen, and too vague. It has too many meanings: huge, superior, numerous, etc. Use a more specific adjective] teams; but their differences are what accounts for their rankings. The three biggest comparisons between the two teams is [Insert "that"] they both have two good young quarterbacks, two good head coaches and good wide receiving group. Aaron Rodgers of the Packers is already a star and one of the best at his position, while Matthew Stafford of the Lions is a rising star and quickly becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL [Unless this is on the title page or in an in-text citation, spell out the full name before first use of an acronym] . Aaron Rodgers is having [Writing suggestion: the present progressive "is having" is an...
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