Linux: the Operating System You Should Choose

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Why should people adapt to Linux operating system.
Name: Hai Fu Yu
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There are quite a few operating systems are being widely used. With 92% of the OS market share, Windows OS is dominating the OS market. Macintosh, the operating system only works on Apple computers, occupies 7% of the total share. Linux, the last widely used OS, has only 1% of the share now. The most difference between Linux and other operating systems is that Linux is an open-sourced OS, which means everyone has access to the source code of this OS. People can modify and use the source codes of it without charging. Linux According to the research done by NETMARCKETSHARE (2012), Linux’s share has grown from 0.97% in July, 2011 to 1.41%, Oct, 2012. The reason of Linux’s share increase cannot be understand without explaining in which aspects Linux are working better than other operating systems. In this essay, the advantages and disadvantages of Linux will be discussed and it will specifically investigate the cost of adapting to Linux, the performance of Linux and the support of Linux.

There are many reasons that turn people’s backs back on Window and Macintosh, and the most obvious one is the cost of using these two systems. People need to either buy a Windows license copy or an Apple computer in order to use these systems. But, Linux is free. According to Al-Rayes (2012), Linux was aimed to offer a free or low-cost substitute for conventional but more expensive Unix system (p. 25). Supporters of Linux suggest that a considerable part of computer purchasing fee goes to paying Windows license copy. For instance, if a person buy a personal computer with a Windows OS for 300 dollars, about 50- 100 dollars of his or her money is spent on the Windows license copy. Moreover, the cost of license copy goes even higher when buying more computers. Most Linux distributions are free and people can instill in as many computers as they like with one Linux copy. On the other hand, One Windows license copy works on one computer only, which means people need to purchase Windows License copy for each computer they have.

On the other hand, as mentioned by Dougherty & Schadt (2010), although there is no cost of purchasing Linux, the cost of adapting into Linux OS should be noticed (p173). Some Windows users who tried to use Linux OS state that, the installation of Linux is complicated compared to that of Windows. They need to find installation guideline to install Linux OS. Moreover, the way Linux behaves is totally different from the way Windows OS behaves, and new users need to consistently ask for helps in order to know how to operate on Linux. In addition, although people can find substitute on Linux for most mainstream software products, they still need to get familiar with new applications to work more efficient. Therefore, rather than spending money on purchasing the Window OS, they have to waste time on understand Linux and the software products they use.

Based on these arguments, I argue that it is worthy to spend time on adapting Linux and the software products of it. Because people need to purchase not only the operating system but also the software products they use on Windows. On the other hand, most Linux software products are open-sourced, which means they can be used and edited for free. Besides, Linux software products are more powerful than the similar software on Windows. Therefore the time people spend on adapting Linux is a tradeoff for better performance; we will discuss the performance of Linux next.

Another factor that makes Linux getting popular is its performance. The enthusiasts of Linux are mainly workers who require high performance of computers. Dougherty & Schadt (2010) point out that the hardware requirement of Windows keeps improving as it keeps releasing patches and update, while Linux has a lower hardware requirement to run the same performance and it allows old computers to have...
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