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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Linux Technical Support Specialist Skills Pre-assessment

Technical Assessment Requirements

1. What Distributions of Linux have you installed and what versions?
Fedora 9-13, Ubantu 10.4, SUSE 11.3
2. If you wanted to install a single package, what utility would you use?
Yum for redhat or rpm
3. How do you repair/recover the root filesystem?
In order to fix a corrupted filesystem, software or application malfunction or any issue that have caused the loss of root. Recovery software is needed such as Linux Data Recovery software. 4. What 3 utilities can be used on Linux to backup files? Tar , gzip and bzip (to compress large amount files to save them on floppy or other media). 5. What commands are needed to create a LVM volume from scratch? pvcreate (with required options), vgcreate(with required options), and then lvcreate (with required options) 6. What are the different methods to obtain a Linux crashdump?

Coredump, figquit, figill,

7. Name 3 utilities to monitor system performance?
# vmstat, # uptime and goodold # ps are to name just few of the available system monitor utilities.

8. What's the difference between a system call and a library call?
Library calls are more portable while system calls are not.

9. Where are the Linux logfiles and what do they contain? In directory /var/log contains system and various program/services, especially login log files. 10. What commands would you use to determine the UUID for a disk?

You can use the blkid command to display UUIDs for your system.

11. What is the difference between run level 1 and 5? Run level 1 is single user mode while In run level 5 users authenticate themselves and is multi user mode with GUI .

12. What 3 things would you do before you upgrade.
1. Back up any data or config. Info.
2. inform users in advance
3. prepare for recovery( if upgrading...
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