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Topics: Access control, Mandatory access control, Security Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: June 22, 2012
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Linux is a open source operating systems that has been evolving over many years. Linux has changed to a very powerful platform that has been adopted by many people as well as developed by the robust open source community. One particular aspect of development that has changed is the security of linux, with the introduction of a few security technologies such as SE Linux, chroot jail, and IP tables. With many of these new technologies Linux has become more secure and usable.

SELinux or Security Enhanced Linux was software that was developed by the national security agency this software uses mandatory access control inside the Linux kernel. By using mandatory access control this creates a walled garden for what a user or piece of software can actually execute. By using the software, it provides fine-grained tools to control access to files, devices, ports and even processes on a user’s computer. By using the mandatory access control this allows for a reduction in security compromises as well as malicious software running on the computers. Prior to the implementation of mandatory access control the security provided by Linux was known as discretionary access control. Discretionary access control is based on groups and users, this made it difficult to create detailed policies of access. SELinux has three states that it can be, enforcing, permissive, and disabled. The enforcing state, which is set by default, is when the security policy is implemented and no user or software will not be able access anything outside of the security policy. The permissive state allows for users to do things outside of the security policy but the permissive state will record and log what the user does in order to create a policy to match what the user is doing. The disabled state does not enforce or log any security policies, as during this time the security is disabled.

Another great security feature of Linux is the ability to control and lockdown...
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