Linux Essay

Topics: World Wide Web, PHP, Linux Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Justin Herring
Project Part 1

The need for centralized management and control over ones network infrastructure has never been more crucial. Put simply as what is allowed and what is not allowed and to what degree this may vary, depending on your company and the data you handle. Not only does the ability to manage your computers, users, applications and much more give you better security. It also provides a sense of structure to the organization and its set of standards it is required to adhere by. This all plays into things like compliance laws which are necessary for businesses to adhere to in order to sale products online and protect their sensitive data from hackers and prevent the data from being compromised. One of the most important security standards for online banks and businesses is the PCI DSS compliance security standard. This is set forth as a requirement for any E-business wanting to take credit cards as a payment method. As one can imagine taking such sensitive information online comes with many vulnerabilities and risks to assess. These requirements are things like firewalls, database restrictions, username/password, IPS/IDS systems etc. There must be clear concise rules and standards set forth for not only personnel and employees but requirements for computers, servers, customer information etc.

I will be going over the Linux web application and its ability as a secure network infrastructure with solid security policies. Especially with financial institutions like First World Bank Savings and Loan who want the most up to date security for their online customers. The Linux security modules that comes within Linux is actually really good at creating security policies or modules. This allows yourself to create Mandatory Access Controls which provides better access controls creating a hardened network providing excellent stability and security.

Security of web applications first begins with configuring the server itself with strict...
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