Linux and Windows Xp File System Structure Comparison

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Linux and Windows XP File System Structure Comparison
Linux and Windows XP are two very different operating systems, both in concept and structure. Linux is an open source operating system while Windows XP is closed source. Linux and Windows XP both employ a standard file system structure, and while there are some similarities, there are many more differences. Linux has a more simple structure when compared to Windows XP. Linux File System Structure

Linux has a simplified file system structure. The file system structure has a tree-like structure (Advanced Horizons, Inc., 2005). Please reference the diagram (Advanced Horizons, Inc., 2005) below.

All files are organized into the 11 main directories. Some main directory names are used again as subdirectories, such as /bin. The /bin directory contains all binary executable files. This is the case whether the files are in the main /bin directory allowing all users to execute, or within the /usr directory intended for select audiences.

Also of note, all users have home directory within /home. If a users logon ID is jdoe, then that users home directory will be /home/jdoe. Each user is given a home directory where they can store any files they like under any file directory system that they wish. System files are stored within /proc.

All versions of Unix and Linux follow the same file system structure. This standard makes it easier for users and administrators to navigate through the different versions of the operating system with ease. Ease of navigation is also important due to the open source nature of the operating system. Users needed to be able to find files easily so that changes and modifications could be made to the system to personalize it for each user. If an issue with the system was found, it was also important to be able to find the affected files so that repairs could be made to the system. In short the open nature of the system necessitated its simplicity. Windows XP File System Structure...
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