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Once upon a time, an old man lived in a small village.
The old man was very wise and knew many solutions about different problems. He had also special powers so he could talk to genie and spirits, and sometimes they granted his wish by using their special powers. Oneday a witch with a broom came to talk with him and ask difficult and complex issues about global warming. He was very surprised but patiently explained her about green house model and gave her advice about using biofuel in her broom. The witch was very rude and greedy but she always liked to preach her nobility. So at the time of her departure, she wanted to grant only two wishes. The old man asked her why she only granted two wishes.

He also reminded her that whenever genie comes he granted two wishes.” What I am look like" the witch asked angrily,” A blank check?" The old man brewed a plan. He told her that his first wish was to get a super computer. ” It is granted", the witch announced loudly.”

Then my second wish is to have another two wishes”,
the old man said very slowly. The witch was shell shocked.
"It is also granted”, the witch said and left the place very quickly with her broom.

You may ask yourself why the witch was surprised. First,
the witch granted two witches. One was fulfilled and for the second wish, the old man wanted another two wish. “What’s the big idea?” you can ask me,” The witch can also fulfill this wish”. Certainly, the witch can grant his wish. But what will happen if the old man wants to extend his second wish to another two wish set. So, the process will never end unless, the old man want to stop. The idea is same for linked list.

First you have a node where you can imagine that data is the first wish and node*next is the second wish by which you can create second node just like first. This process will continue until you put NULL in the *next.
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