Linkages and Networking

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  • Published: July 22, 2012
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Whenever we are involving others in our work or
helping them in theirs, we are involved in a
partnership. When we speak of partnerships in the
CLC context, we mean that two or more
individuals or agencies agree to take on specific
responsibilities. This can be to share human,
material, or financial resources. This can take the
form of either a networking or a linkage
Networking, in the CLC context, is basically extending the outreach of the resources in different ways so as to increase the effectiveness of the programme. The areas of operation can also be increased through networking. Networking can be between CLCs, or with other institutions. Linkage and networking are different in the degree of commitment by the partners: In linkage, the relationship between partner organisations is quite loose, while in networking, it is much stronger, usually because the groups and agencies have common objectives and beneficiaries. In this section, we have seen why networking and linkage is important. The CLC can be strengthened when we network and link with the entire community as well as agencies at different levels. Networking with others makes the programme more holistic and gives it longer life too. There are several points why networking and linkage is important for CLC. They may be: ! Instead of two institutions having separate expenses for training, they can share the cost. ! There is no duplication of effort because they have common goals, objectives, and programmes. ! Partnerships and networking ensure greater use of resources by all partners by complementing the work of each other.

! Collective strength in the community has a greater impact than a single voice. ! Networking among CLCs can minimise the wastage and optimise the use of time and resources. ! The community has a model of co-operation worthy of being followed in other situations. What are the areas of networking and linkage?

Some areas for networking might be:
! Using a common...
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