Lingua Franca

Topics: Lingua franca, French language, English language Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Explain the term Lingua Franca
A lingua franca is a language systematically used to make communication possible between people not sharing a mother tongue, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both mother tongues. Justify the use of English language as a Lingua Franca

English has become a global lingua franca, a unique linguistic situation in world history. As there is no discernible coercion, it seems the world has freely chosen English. In past times the world has had other lingua francae; Greek, Swahili, French, Latin and so on and so forth. The first reason I would like to point out for the use of English Language as a Lingua Franca will be its simplicity of learning at the beginner stage it also provides its speakers with access to probably the richest culture of the present time: literature, the arts, the sciences, the humanities, etc. No educated person anywhere can do without knowledge of Anglophone cultural achievements. English has in effect become the international language of science and technology, commerce and diplomacy, tourism and travel. All of this is very positive. And since the world actually needs a lingua franca, English is certainly a good choice. Standard words are short and relatively easy to pronounce; non-natives get by easily even with a low level of proficiency. English has established its position as the global lingua franca beyond any doubt; along with this status, it has become one of the symbols of our time, together with globalisation, networking, economic integration, and the Internet. Like other symbols, it has been subject to much debate and has raised many fears. English has been seen as a threat to local languages and cultures. Such negative attitudes, even hostility, towards English are nevertheless comparatively recent and intertwined with the current wave of globalisation, more complete than anything up till now experienced and more closely associated with just one language. At the same time,...
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