Lines - William Wordsworth

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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In his poem, “Lines Written in the Early Spring,” William Wordsworth gives us insight into his views of the destruction of nature. Using personification, he makes nature seem to be full of life and happy to be living. Yet, man still is destroying what he sees as “Nature’s holy plan” (8). The entire poem is about the interaction between nature and man. Wordsworth is clearly not happy about the things that man has done to the world. He describes Nature in detail in the second and third stanzas when he personifies the periwinkle and the flowers. He is thinking about the bad things that man has done to nature and he wants the reader to sit back and think about the fact that there used to be something so beautiful and alive, and because of man’s ignorance and impatience, there is not a lot left. He also wants him to go sit in his own grove and actually see what is living and breathing and whether or not he enjoys it. Wordsworth makes it seem appealing to want to go and do this through his descriptions and thoughts, so that you get a feeling of what is there and what is being lost. He makes the reader want to go and see if those things, the budding twigs, the hopping birds, and the trailing periwinkle, really do exist and if they really are as alive as he says. Wordsworth’s line “What man has made of man” (7) refers to what human men are doing to the other man on Earth, Nature, whom man is fighting for the top spot. To Wordsworth, Nature is alive and has feelings, the same as the human man. He proves this by making everything so full of life and happy to be alive, such as the little birds, throughout the poem, starting from the first stanza to the last. In the first stanza, he is listening to the sounds of Nature while he is relaxing. He describes everything around him in the rest of the poem. Wordsworth gives life to everything in this poem. He sees periwinkle, trailing its wreaths...
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