Linear Approaches

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Linear Approaches
Linear Approach is also known as the managerial approach because all the models that fall under this approach describe changes from the vision until the implementation stage. It is considered the simplest of all the traditional models in the theories of change. According to Stacey (1996) managing a change under any circumstances whether planned or unplanned is complex with many starts and stops throughout the complete process. This conclusion has been come to under the assumptions that: 1. Managers are able to identify organizational changes way ahead of the environmental changes. 2. Change is a linear (sequential) process.

3. Organizations are systems that are operating within a stable environment. Linear Approaches however tend to understate the role of external stakeholders such as governments, shareholders etc. and focus more on internal stakeholders because a change within the organization is considered an internal process. Lewin’s model (1947) of change has adopted the linear approach and states that change takes place through three stages that are: 1. Unfreezing – the stage wherein it is recognized that some form of change is needed 2. Moving – the stage wherein the new ideas and ways are tested 3. Refreezing – the stage wherein everything is stabilized and the change has been achieved Another model known as Kotter’s Model (1996) that has adopted this approaches which is more human oriented and identifies change in eight stages which are: 1. Establishing a sense of urgency in order to be able to recognize what changes are required to be done and why these changes are to be implemented. 2. Creating a guiding coalition where in groups are being formed and given authority to do implement the required changes. 3. Developing a vision and strategy because there should be a goal that the organization is willing to achieve through a specific path therefore it must be clarified and expressed through the vision of the...
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