Line Managers

Topics: Human resource management, Implementation, Management Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 3, 2013
line managers have a lack of desire to implement HRM. However, willingness is essential for someone to perform effectively. Furthermore, line managers do not have capacity to implement HRM, since they have other, more pressing, short term operational responsibilities. This short-range focus may result in people management that is generally less effective. Besides, line managers have limited skills and competences in HRM due to a lack of training. It is suggested that these low competences are a significant constrain on the effective devolution of HRM responsibilities to line managers. Line managers are also hindered by a lack of support from the HR department and it is argued that line managers cannot perform their HR tasks effectively without the assistance of HR professionals. Lastly, line managers rely on clear policies and procedures on what their HR responsibilities imply and on how to execute HRM practices. Without these policies & procedures, their HRM implementation effectiveness is likely to suffer. The literature on devolution suggest that there are a number of limitations that can limit the performance of line managers in putting HRM policies in to practice (Renwick, 2002; McGovern et al., 1997; Whittaker & Marchington, 2003; Hall & Torrington, 1998, Gennard & Kelly, 1997). Line managers can have a lack of desire or capacity in implementing HRM. Besides, they do not have the right competences for managing people. Furthermore, line managers can experience difficulties because of a lack of support from the HR department or procedures and policies on how to execute their HRM responsibilities. This reluctance can be the result of a lack of personal motivation. Line managers feel HR responsibilities are pushed upon them, while beforehand they were the responsibility of the HR department (Harris et al., 2002). The pressure of the operational tasks and the increasing HR responsibilities put excessive demands on line managers’ time and energy,...
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