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Executive Summary
This report highlights the key role of line managers and human resource management (HRM) in the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia (DAFWA). It is the sharing of responsibility and collaboration of line managers and human resource (HR) manager to manage the work and people in the organisation effectively. They work together to determine the right people in the right positions, which can achieve the goals of the organisation. Being a large sector with the contribution about $5.9 billion each year and important role of Western Australian economic, human resource in DAFWA plays a crucial role in shaping and promoting the development of this sector. HR involvement under managing of line managers and HR manager is a critical success factor for development of DAFWA. Building a strong workforce in this sector helps to reduce the risk for farmers and agribusiness, supporting for improvement society. HRM is a cornerstone for developing organisations, and aligning an organization with its goals. On top of that, they can promote DAFWA through HR common practices such as Recruitment and Selection, Training, Communication and Management, Measuring operation performance, Remuneration and Incentives, and Work design. They also research and develop methods to sustain the workforce for long term, in response to the HR Department’s requirement in the future. Through this, DAFWA HR fosters a strong organisation and builds a sustainable improvement sector with long term profitability.

1. Introduction
Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia (DAFWA) was established in 1894 and operates under the Public Sector Management Act 1994. It includes the State’s Agriculture, Fibre, and Food sectors which are profitable and sustainable, with focusing on export-led growth. DAFWA helps to enhance the international core competence of the State’s agribusiness to meet the high level of standards for quality and safety of food, and fibre products in a sustainable way. They developed the agriculture and food sector by working with the partners, managing risks effectively to the biological and natural resource on which it relies. The organisation is collaborated by a diverse range of partners through the world to obtain knowledge, innovation and excellence (DAFWA, 2013). Based on DAFWA’s assistance, Western Australia’s gross value of agricultural production contributed about $5.9 billion, exporting 97 percent of its grain, 18 percent of its horticultural product and 75 percent of its livestock with totaled $4.5 billion. Grain is the fifth largest export of the state after iron ore, gold, natural gas and petroleum (annual report, 2012). A statewide network of talented and dedicated staff able to address scientific, economic, environmental, technological, managerial and social drivers that shape agriculture and food sector. All of DAFWA’s activities are supported and oriented by the corporate teams including of various department such as Governance & Audit, Corporate strategy & Operations; Agricultural resource risk management; Regional operation & Development; Irrigated Agriculture & Diversification; Grains industries Development; Livestock industries development; Finance located at DAFWA’s headquarter (DAFWA, 2013). DAFWA has a statewide network of 1200 employees in 50 regional locations while there are 896 full-time permanent, 118 full-time contract, 122 part-time permanent, and 45 part-time contract staff. They work with partners along the supply chain and around the world to obtain knowledge, innovation and excellence (annual report, 2012).

Source: annual report 2012 of DAFWA

2. The goal of Human resource management
Human resource management (HRM) plays a crucial position to the success of an organisation, processing of hiring and developing employees, and is associated with the management of employees and their work. HRM is not only an inevitable process in...
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