Line Follower Robot

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Table of Contents
The Group Contract3
Literature Review4
History of mobile robots:4
The history of the line-following robots:5
Ongoing a most advanced projects on line-following robots or line-following based robots:5
System Decomposition7
Group Management Structure9
Name of the Robot9
Mechanical Design10
Technical Options, Critical Review and Final Design Choice10
Option 110
Option 211
Review of the Frame12
Review of the Wheels12
Final Design13
Electronic Design14
Technical Options, Critical Review and Final Design Choice14
The Control Unit:14
The chosen microcontroller and the reasons: PIC16F64815
Stepper Motors Unit:16
The Driver Unit16
Software Design18
Technical Options, Critical Review and Final Design Choice18
Odd or even number of sensors18
The Number of Sensors18
The shape in which the sensors are put together18
The angle of the V19
How does the program work?19
Time Management plan22
Risk Assessment24
Very possible, low cost and manageable risks24
The plans we have specifically come up with for the Robot project25
Components Wish List26


The Group Contract

As a group, EGM had one target, to bring life to ICKI. This would not happen but with cooperation and hard work. By signing this contract you declare:

* EGM will do the tasks they are responsible for by the internal deadline decided.

* If EGM had any problems fulfilling any of their responsibilities they should inform the group leader in advance.

* EGM should back up all their group mates in unexpected and hard situations.

* EGM should trust their group mates for their capability of doing their own responsibilities however this does not mean that they cannot say their opinion and ideas.

* As the work break down has been decided when the entire group have been together, EGM is not allowed to complain about the inconsistency in the work division among the members of the group.

* In any case when all the group members cannot get to agree on one subject they will have to count votes. If they tie they will have to ask a person’s opinion every group member trusts. (Or they can flip a coin alternatively.)

* If EGM wants to change any of the plans, they should discuss it with the rest of the group first. They are not allowed to accept doing something and do it in their own way without a group agreement.

* EGM is responsible for attending all the group meetings unless they have a convincing reason not doing so.

If any of the group members disobeys any of the statements above, the rest of the group has the right to reduce their mark upon agreement.

Delaram SharifiZhanar Samayeva
Hedieh Ekhlasi Xun Liu

The purpose of this initial report is to survey the created plan made in order to accomplish the given Robot Project. This project is given to entire second year and the purpose of the project is to design and construct an autonomous robot that should follow the dark line track on a light background. First there is an overview on the line follower robots in literature review , The aims, objectives and requirements will follow the review. Literature Review

The line-following robots are classified under the “Mobile Robots”. Mobile Robots are the robots which do not have a fixed base; they can move around and do not physically stand at one location. These kinds of robots are fairly important as it is stated in this part of the article from Wikipedia’s Mobile robot is stated below: “Mobile robots are the focus of a great deal of current research and almost every major university has one or more labs that focus on mobile robot research. Mobile robots are...
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