Lindsay Meesiri Anne Arundel Cna Exam Cheat Sheet

Topics: Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Blood pressure Pages: 3 (503 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Lindsay Ann Meesiri’s Cheat Sheet
Anne Arundel Community College

Lindsay, I highlighted all questions that were asked on the CNA exam in the book. Unfortunately, when I recorded the test questions with my ring and button spy camera, part of the view was blocked by a smudge but don’t worry, I think I got the majority of the questions. You should be able to pass with just those questions alone. If you have any questions, please let me know. All sales are final. -Kyle

1. When assisting a client in learning how to use a cane, the nurse aide stands a. approximately two feet directly behind the
b. about one foot from the client's weak side.
c. about one foot from the client's strong side.
d. slightly behind the client on the client's weak
d. slightly behind the client on the client's weak

2. When working with a client who has urinary retention, the nurse aide can expect that the client will a. urinate large volumes.
b. be unable to urinate.
c. urinate frequently.
d. be incontinent of urine.

b. be unable to urinate.

3. Aging-related hearing changes result in older clients gradually losing their ability to hear a. high-pitched sounds.
b. low-pitched sounds.
c. slow sounds.
d. rapid sounds.

a. high-pitched sounds.

4. The best way to safely identify your patient is by
a. asking his name.
b. calling his name and waiting for his
c. checking the bed plate.
d. checking the name tag.

d. checking the name tag.

5. A client is on a bowel and bladder training program and has not had a bowel movement in three days. The nurse aide should a. report it to the charge nurse.
b. give the client an enema.
c. offer the client prune juice.
d. encourage the client to drink more fluids.

a. report it to the charge nurse.

6. The proper medical abbreviation for before meals is
a. p.c.
b. b.i.d.
c. a.c.
d. t.i.d.

c. a.c.

7. A client diagnosed with hypertension will most likely have a history of a....
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