Lindow Man Essay

Topics: Lindow Man, Spectroscopy, Electron Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Lindow man also known by his scientific name as Lindow II, was discovered in 1984 by two workmen who saw his foot sticking out of a piece of machinery in Lindow Moss in Cheshire England. Through evidence, and after a visual examination and scientific investigation, archaeologists and historians have been able to draw conclusions about Lindow Man’s life and death. Lindow man was an example of a bog body as he was found in a marshy area. After close visual examination of Lindow Man, archaeologists can conclude that Lindow Man was aged 25-30 years and at his peak of his physical condition, he had ginger hair and a short rimmed moustache and beard. His hands were well manicured which indicated he had not done a lot of physical work in his life. Through the use of scientific examinations, scientists were able to gain a deeper understanding of Lindow Man’s life and death. Through the use of scanning electron microscopy which produces high resolution, 3-D images, it can be seen that Lindow Man had a short trimmed moustache and beard and his stomach contents were also revealed. In his stomach it revealed that he had bran and wheat and plenty of other nourishable foods which indicate to the archaeologists and scientists that Lindow Man was not poor and was possibly from the middle to upper class. Another scientific technique that was used was the use of electron spin resonance spectroscopy which revealed Lindow Man had eaten burnt griddle cake as his last meal. Also through using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, scientists concluded that Lindow Man must have been wearing body paint when he died as he had a high concentration of copper in his skin. Finally through radiocarbon dating, which is a dating method used to measure the radioactive emissions of carbon in a sample, it was revealed that Lindow Man came from the time period of 2BC- 119AD. Therefore through the use of this scientific evidence archaeologists have been able to gain a deeper understanding of Lindow Man’s...
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