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From Linden, chapters 1-5:
1. Linden (chapter 1) summarizes two overriding (or macro) collaboration challenges. As if addressing a group of your professional colleagues, identify these two challenges and explain the components that create them.

Linden explains two overriding collaboration challenges in the first chapter. The first challenge is that we are trying to solve 21st century’s problems using 18th century structures. The overwhelming theme to this challenge is fragmented. The causes of our fragmented organizational responses are: the constitutional framework, multiple funders and categorical funding, specialization, elected officials desire for control, and information silos. These challenges must be overcomes if collaboration is to be successful. Linden gives examples throughout the chapter that illustrates the need of effective collaboration across boundaries.

The second challenge is coping with the expectations of a highly individualistic society. According to the scale America is ranked #1 in individualism. Individualism is inherent in our DNA, and this can create difficulties in collaborating.

2. Linden (chapter 3) offers seven key collaborative factors. A.) Discuss which might be the most difficult to achieve if seeking a brand new collaborative business venture with international partners you’ve known for a very short time. B.) Which two (of the seven) would you focus most upon during your initial stages of creating a collaborative effort with them?

A.) Of the seven key collaborative factors outlined by Linden the one that would be most difficult to achieve in a new collaborative business venture with international partners would be number 2: The Partners Want to Pursue a Collaborative Solution Now”. Linden stresses that the key words are contribute and now. (Linden, 2010, location 987, Kindle Edition).

It could be difficult to achieve this with an international partner that you’ve known only a short time. Everyone only...
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