Lincoln: the Movie

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The movie Lincoln, was more accurate than previous portrayals of Abraham Lincoln. However, the movie did fail to include important facts, such as Lincoln’s belief that African Americans were unequal to whites and some details of the passing of the 13th Amendment. All in all though, the movie portrayed the Civil war and presidency with considerable accuracy.

Lincoln focuses mainly on the passage of the 13th amendment and the trials Lincoln and his supporters went through. The film insinuates that Lincoln “bought votes” by bribing some members of the House of Representatives with jobs. However, while there is some evidence to suggest this, it is unclear how it was executed. The film also delves into the Lincoln’s family life. The viewer sees how the death of his son Willie and his oldest son’s desire to enter the war affected Lincoln. Also how it affected the people around him, mainly his wife Mary. Although Robert Lincoln, his oldest son did end up joining the army he was simply used as a messenger, generally away from the fighting. The film also depicts the struggles of Thaddeus Stevens, who actually was an avid supporter of racial equality and black suffrage, and aided in the passage of the 13th amendment. The final part of the movie is, of course, the tragic assassination of Lincoln. The viewer sees Lincoln’s youngest son Tad at another theater. Then the stage manager runs on stage saying, “The president has been shot!”.

The film Lincoln is relatively accurate. No film is bound to be completely and utterly factual. One fact the filmmakers did get correct was Lincoln did indeed pardon a lot of people after they attempted to dissert. Another correct detail was the issue of the peace talks with the South. Some of the representatives wished to delay the vote on the amendment until after Lincoln had discussed peace with the negotiators. However, this could have impeded the passage of the amendment. So, Lincoln wrote a note saying, “So far as I know, there...
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