Lincoln, the Movie

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, American Civil War Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: November 20, 2012
At the beginning of the movie we see Lincoln talking to two African Americans who served in the war, and they went on to say that they loved his speech and one of them even quoted the end of his speech. This movie shows us how much we need rescuing. According to Spielberg, Lincoln and his contemporaries debated the moral merits of ending slavery now or ending the war now. Lincoln was gaining and losing votes. People are looking at it as this: if African Americans are given rights then women are next and people do not want that. A man had said that if we give African Americans the freedom then they are going to want more. Lincoln does not know that there are bribes being made in order to get 20 votes from the representatives. Lincoln is trying his hardest to keep going. Not only is there this problem but family is getting in the way. The south are against everything Lincoln stands for. Some believe that passing the amendment; the war will stop while others think otherwise. Lincoln believes that the war is almost done with. He believes that the amendment will pass and he won’t stop until it does. People have given up on him while others keep on fighting with him. Lincoln tells stories that have a moral to go along with what is going on. Lincoln may be known for a lot of things but the most important thing was freeing the slaves. He didn’t have much schooling but he specks so wise and has a lot of knowledge. This movie shows how one man made the biggest difference with his actions and words. People were against him but are now seeing that Lincoln is willing to keep pushing forward. Of course god is used in the debate saying that African Americans shouldn’t have freedom. The south is fighting against Lincoln and not giving up. My favorite quote is one that is used to this day. "All men are created equal." Lincoln is an honest man and even visited war heroes in the hospital. Lincoln’s son believes that it is better for him to go to war but Lincoln doesn’t want that....
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