Lincoln Electric Case

Topics: Arc welding, Work ethic, Employment Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Maria Alexandra Maderal

Lincoln Electric Case

The Lincoln Electric Company upholds the motto of producing the best quality products at the lowest cost. It is the world's largest manufacturing company that primarily makes welding products. It has also become one of the world's leading manufacturers in arc welding equipment since World War II. Lincoln Electric's organizational culture and philosophy is still strong and consistent and continues to persist. Its strong culture and company philosophy has driven the company to remain successful over the years and the reason why it's still successful today.

The company's approach to motivate its employees is both simple and unwavering. It has built a climate that fosters individual growth and continual improvement and productivity and has implemented a very clever incentive system. Firstly, the company creates better quality products and progressively continues to make better quality products than its competitors at such low costs mainly because of its employees. Lincoln Electric nurtured the idea of individual growth. The foundation of the company is based on employee development. To drive its employees to seek growth in their abilities and to motivate them to be more productive, they championed the idea competition. The company believed that competition makes a man work harder. It eliminates lazy and incompetent workers and pushes people to perform at their ultimate best. Competition develops progress and determination. It takes the hidden talents and skills out of employees and makes them known. Without it, life would be disastrous and the strong work ethic of an employee will disappear. Competition was fostered so heavily into company culture that it has driven employees to grow. Employees want to perform better. They want to be more efficient. How did competition drive employee growth? Well the company's competition was based on employee ratings. The higher the ratings of an employee, the employee is...
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