Lincoln's Last Days

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What you need to know about me

Hi, my name is Brian and unfortunately I'm pretty complicated. Here what you'll need know.

Im layed back, I like pop and rock, I'm not all hyped up excited, I'm smart, I'm funny at appropriate times. I'm creative and as you may know after this piece that I don't have the best memory last I'm interested in most things. In kindergarten I had Ms.Isaacs which I had later on.If I did anything else in kindergarten I definitely couldn't remember. In 3rd grade I had Mrs. Godfrey. And all I remember is that we went on a field trip to the YMCA on a trip to swim three days. In fourth grade I met one of my best friends, Nick that is still my friend today, later that year i would unfortunately break my wrist skate boarding at his house. I had Mr.Calovito for a teacher that year. We mostly did US history for social studies. And for ELA, well we did about four poems, a paper on persuasion, and a 10 page paper on as if we were a slave, or a family member of a soldier in the civil war. In fifth grade I had Mrs. Isaac as home room, Ms. Lester for science and Mrs. Morse for chorus. In sixth grade I had Mr. Maldonado for social studies, Mrs tanner for science, Mr. Wendt for math, and Mrs. Zukosky for ELA. I'm ecstatic for 7th grade and I hope to get good grades.

Well, that's me, and glad to be right where I am. I hoped you enjoyed. Thank you
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