Linage of Sin and Death

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  • Published: March 27, 2013
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Genesis is one of the most magnificence and beautiful chapters in the entire Bible.

In the scant space of 34 verses we are given a majestic account of the creation of heaven

And earth during a six days period of light in day one to the creation of man in His own i

Image in day six, this great work proceeds were smoothly and God declares that it was

Very good. When everything was completed. God rested and called special day.

Genesis mean’s origin , the origin of the cosmos and the beginning the foundation

of the nation Israel. The cosmos in which the ancient Israelites and in which we live. The

Old Testament and New Testament approached the fundamental stories and texts.

Adam and Eve were special creations of God. God who made the world speaks to

Abraham and Moses to guide human history according to His purposes. As Hazel says

The Old Testament History contains a history which was shaped and led to fulfillment by

a word of judgment and salvation continued by God. As part of the sin and corruption

that led to the Noahie Flood . Man kind is the pivot of the creation, says that mankind

was “ created in God image . Man kind is the last and highest order of God’ s world.

Tradition says that to be in the image of God means that man is rational, moral, spiritual

These information make a possibility for man, and man alone to live in meaningful

personal relationship with God. Except in Genesis 1 and 2, the Old Testament story is

about the rupture of that relationship and God’s plan to restore it.

The third phase of the assumption is that mankind was created integral part of the

cosmos, the garden was given to man as a place to care and protect. The Tree of Life)

and guiding man to respect Him ( The Tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil). He

must live in relationship to God and his fellow man, as seen in the creation of man

kind as two, man and woman. The garden is a...
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