Limiting Homework for Students

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Limiting Homework

English 101

Stundents Under Stress

In the article “Students under Stress” author Marcia Clemmitt points out that students who are undergoing stress in school is because of the increase of homework. Too much homework is causing an increase of problems for students. The increase of homework is causing students to be depressed, stressed, and pressured unnecessarily, especially for students at young ages causing them to have a negative view of school. The amount of homework given has been increasing and taking more effect on students at lower grade levels. Most of the students at the lower grade levels are not ready for the responsibility of the homework amount given. Clemmitt states that, “Researchers agree that, to the extent homework burdens have increased in the past 20 years, it’s the backpacks of the youngest kids that have gained the most weight” (n.pag.). Students will feel stressed and depressed because the additional homework given is more time consuming which takes up family and personal time. The amount of homework given also applies a lot of pressure on the students and it is not helping the students improve on their skills. Students will think that they need to get all their homework assignments done in order to learn and be ready for tests when it’s better to do in class where help is available. Not knowing how to do the homework and completing it wrong applies pressure

on students who can’t finish the amount. Limiting homework will help lower stress on students and build a positive attitude towards learning. Less homework and more in class work will help students learn better and help teachers determine what they need to work on instead of having students do a lot of homework on something they know well or not. Clemmitt reports that limiting homework to how students learn and what they need to learn will help: The current need is to find out how people learn and then figure out what interventions can help learners past...
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